Kiyomizu Treasure Hunt 2014-2015

Dolly dress kiyomizu pop

Kiyomizu Hunt has started.

Prize is this dress.

Please search Ninja Cat in  my store 😀

*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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Cloud Land Dance Event


2014/11/29 PM 10:00 Performance will start
(In the time of Japan)
Special site of the Electric Lady Land

(The chip is not required for free performances)


Produce & Photo by Curea Leiner

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Kiyomizu Treasure Hunt 2014Autumn

Cathie dress Brown

Kiyomizu Hunt has started.

Prize is this dress.

Please search Ninja Cat at my store 😀

*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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New Dress Strawberry

SS Mesh strawberry ivory

I made dress for spring 😀

SS Mesh strawberry pink

They are strawberry printed, so cute XD


Now on sale

And I put on new gift for group members

SS Mesh strawberry bk

Distribution of it will be a limited days.


*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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I made new mesh dress Hearty for GACHA



There are 10 colors + Secret type

Snapshot_004 (3)

1PLAY  50L$

*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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New Mesh Dress

I have produced a new dress for spring and summer.

*:Sweet Strawberry:* Mesh Dress Rozeria.

They are rose printesd lovely dress 4colors.

SS Rozeria pink

SS Rozeria YE

SS Rozeria MT

SS Rozeria PPL

FAT Pack  4colors + White

SS Rozeria FAT

I have sold these in *:Sweet Strawberry:* main store .

DEMO also I have been available in the store,

Please do visit us if you like.

*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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New!! Rose Dress [Mesh]

SS Rose dress [mesh] pop

New product Rose dress[Mesh]

Now on sale

*:Sweet Strawberry:* & *(ichigo-ya)*

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